The Plus Ones, Christian G

‘an exquisite hour of cabaret’

‘an hour watching her show left me in awe of her talent as a singer, writer and 

performer. I can’t think of one thing I didn’t like about it, au contraire, it was 

consistently excellent in all aspects.’

Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

We Know Melbourne, Kerstyn Dance.

‘delivered clever and catchy songs that took us at a rapid and humorous pace 

through the life, death and hereafter of the infamous French queen’

‘If you are a fan of perfectly placed puns, don’t mind a little bit of intellectual humor

balanced with gorgeous costumes, a mean keyboard and cracking vocals, and 

glitter adorned props, you should definitely get along and see this show.’

‘Torte E Mort dropped lots of quirky unexpected surprises throughout the 

performance but rather than spoil it for everyone else, I’d just recommend heading 

along to see it yourself’

Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

Stage Whispers, Alex Armstrong

‘You should know this if you didn’t already: Anya Anastasia is a major, major talent.’

‘Ms Anastasia proceeded to spend the next hour charming, challenging, amusing,

delighting and provoking her audience.’

‘and she can SING’

‘delivered with supreme artistic confidence’

‘the audience exploded with applause’

Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

Theatre People, Nick Pilgrim - 4 Stars

‘Anastasia soon had them eating out of her perfectly manicured hand.’

‘Anya Anastasia is a singer – storyteller, composer, stand – up prankster, cheeky 

contortionist and musician extraordinaire.’

‘Think Lady Gaga meets Kate Bush, or the Emcee from ‘Cabaret’, with a little bit of 

Sandra Bernhard meets ‘Hedwig and The Angry Inch’ thrown in for good measure.’


Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

ArtsHub, Christopher Fieldus

‘Shirking the ornaments of period language and affected accent, this Antoinette bites 

down on the contemporary tongue.’

‘With a singing voice located somewhere between Charli XCX and Kate Miller-

4 out of 5 stars

Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

Popculture-y, Til Knowles

‘a strange mix, with glitzy costumes, hedonism and satire galore’

‘Everyone sits on the edge of their seats.’ 

‘The music in the production is enthralling. Well-written and well-performed,

Anastasia’s vocals and piano play perfectly with Matthews’ drumming.’


Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

Really Melbourne, Bianca Cuffia

‘sprint, do not run, over to your computer and book your tickets now.’

‘This show masters a combination of comedy, satire, cabaret and wit ­ everyone 

should see it.’

‘Anya’s interpretation of Marie Antoinette is ridiculously funny and clever yet 


‘You will laugh, song after song. And just when you think the show has taken a turn 

for the serious, you will keep laughing amidst the show’s dark humour.’

Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

Planet Arts Melbourne, Lisa Romeo

‘Torte E Mort is a compilation of every ingredient that makes for an outstanding 

cabaret, the humour, the danger, the eccentric and extravagances; this is one mighty 

show with a difference.’

‘Be entertained, be deliciously pampered with this visually opulent show and be 

warned, behind the frivolity there are messages to be heard.’

‘Anastasia is electrifying as she plays the wicked 18th Century Marie Antoinette’

‘a voice that ranges from sweet and mellow to strong Nina Hagen-like vocals’

‘The transition of characters and many costume changes was seamless; the story 

was uninterrupted.’

‘I believe Torte E Mort promises to go on to be a huge success and well received 

world wide, it’s professional in so many aspects, from the witty lyrics, the costumes, 

the visual design and most of all the stand out and amazing Anya Anastasia, breath 

takingly beautiful, and extremely talented in all facets of her performance. I would see 

it again.’

4.5 stars

Imagery by Kate Pardey Photography

Theatre Press, Bradley Storer

‘Anastasia exudes an ecstatic sense of anarchy’

‘black-hearted and jaunty tunes that recall Tom Waits at his most bleak, all the way to a 

simple and chilling ukulele tune about inevitable mortality.’

‘Overall Torte e Mort is a wildly inventive show that bursts with ferocious creative 

energy, drawing laughs one moment before chilling the blood the next – a delicious 

and bloody treat for lovers of cabaret!’